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Home router configuration: What we do ...

Lector: Ivan Mavrov 28.12.2017 18:00 h


Lector: Eng. Martin Bastunkov 29.12.2017 18:00 h


IT Careers Today And Tomorrow

Lector: Georgi Kaunov 25.01.2018 18:00 h


Lector: Eng. Martin Bastunkov 29.12.2017 18:00 h

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What is DevOps

Definiton what is DevOps

I Programmer

Describe we periodal initative

Who we are ?

Software Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the education of software engineers

The Foundation develops free educational content, conducts free training courses and supports educational projects.

Learn more about us.


Open learning content

Qualitative training content for free software engineer training.

The Software Foundation, together with the software industry, industrial IT associations and the Ministry of Education and Science, participates in the development of curricula and quality contemporary curricula for the training of students at the secondary vocational schools in the field of Applied Programmer approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. Curricula have been developed within the workgroup of the “Application Programmer” project by a team of software engineers, experts and teachers. The content is mainly developed by SoftUni and adapted to the school education system.

Programming course

The Software Foundation regularly runs free basic programming courses for beginners in tens of Bulgarian cities and online.

Programming basics with C#

The “Programming Basics” course provides the initial programming skills required for all Technology specialties at SoftwareFoundation.. This includes basic codeing skills, working with development environment (IDE), using variables and data, operators and expressions, console handling (reading input and output printing), using the conditional constructions (if, if-else) and cycles (for, while, do-while).
The course ends with a practical programming exam, which is accepted in the software engineering program of SoftwareFoundation.

The course is suitable for beginners without th need fo r experience with tehnology and computer science