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We make the people we train real professionals in the software industry and help them with their career start!

The Software Software Project of the Software Foundation is based on the idea of an innovative and modern educational center that creates real professionals in the programming world. For us, as well as for the entire software industry, the real practical skills are the most important.

That is why we use the “learning by doing” model, providing our students with programming training combined with real practical experience and knowledge in the most demanding and advanced technologies, ready to start their career as successful software engineers.

Software Foundation offers a comprehensive software engineering program with the most sought-after software technologies, as well as the most up-to-date teaching practices. The syllabus of the Software Foundation is carefully developed with the direct involvement of IT companies.

It represents a precise selection of programming courses that respond to the most up-to-date trends in the world of information technology and software engineering.

Practical training is combined with a variety of laboratory exercises as well as individual and team-based practical projects through which students acquire both technical and personal skills that they will apply in their future work as specialists.

Students have the opportunity to receive internships and scholarships from “Software Foundation” and companies. Students and fellows of the Software Foundation have the chance to participate directly in the development of the entire learning process, drawing direct experience from their lecturers.


Software Foundation works directly with the software industry companies, assisting their students to become successful software engineers. Already during their training, students who have shown excellent results receive direct referrals from the Career Center of the Software Foundation to start work, depending on their preferences and goals.

Mission of Software Foundation

The mission of the Software Foundation is to provide high quality and accessible education in the IT and digital world, creating real professionals and future leaders, contributing to a dream, Bulgaria – Silicon Valley of Europe! “Software Foundation” is a project of “Software Foundation” Ltd. and is not among the state accredited universities in Bulgaria. The aim of “Software Foundation” is to be their alternative, trying to provide their students with everything they need to start their career as successfully as possible.


2014 Education Prize

BAIT РBulgarian Association of Bulgarians Information Technology

Educational platform for 2015

Bulgarian Web Awards

2015 Public Benefit Award

Business Awards of Forbes

Best Starting Business for 2015

Business Awards of Forbes

Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2016

Innovation for Talent Development

Education Award for 2016

BAIT – Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies