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Become a C # developer

  • Learn to program the C # and .NET platform language
  • Develop a back-end with C # and front-end with JavaScript and HTML5
  • Create web apps with ASP.NET MVC
  • Start working as a C # developer before you graduate
  • Find new friends in C # courses
  • Start a successful career with C # lessons
  • Watch free C # tutorials and video tutorials for C # and .NET
  • Start with the free C # course for beginners now!

Did you know that...?

Language C#

is developed by Microsoft and is an international ISO standard.

.NET and C#

are among the top 5 most sought-after technologies in the software industry in Bulgaria

Opening code

is the foundation of the .NET Core platform, which is a public project in GitHub

.NET technology

is developed by Microsoft and is an international ISO standard.

The path of the student with the profession C #

Learn C # and .NET by doing

  • 70% Practice: Writing C # code every day
  • New learning material: 2 days a week C # lessons
  • Practical exercises: 3 days a week C # exercises

Works on practical projects

  • Works on practical projects with C #, .NET, JavaScript and SQL Server
  • Train your programming skills with C #, OOP, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Build practical experience by working on .NET projects in a team in GitHub environment

Start your career start in top companies in the industry

  • 52% of graduates of C # occupation begin work
  • Access to Career Center of Software University – Start working as a C # developer
  • Top employers in the software and IT industry

Choose the profession of C # web developer by doing the first steps with the free basic programming for beginners with C # (Programming Basics with C #) that will give you the necessary knowledge to pass the entrance examination and join the complete software engineering program of the Software Foundation.

The C # Web Developer’s profession will introduce you to the development of advanced, interactive web applications and services with the C # and .NET platform. During your training you will acquire all the specialized knowledge and skills needed to start a successful career in the software industry.

During your training, through  C # practical lessons and practical C # courses and work on thousands of tasks and projects, you will acquire all the specialized knowledge and skills required to start a successful C # language career in the software industry. Apply!

Why to learn C# and .NET ?

Why go with the .NET platform, C # and related technologies, and not with any other software development platform?

  • Language C # is one of the best beginner languages ​​at the moment. It combines procedural, object-oriented and functional programming with a clean and concise syntax. C # is easy to learn through the rich set of video tutorials and exercises at Software Foundation.
  • C # and .NET write about 2,000,000 programmers around the world (according to Microsoft).
  • C # is extremely versatile. With it you can create everything from desktop and mobile applications to web applications, online services and back-end functionality.
  • Demand for C # / .NET developers is among the largest for the moment because of the technical level and openness of the platform. This ensures professional realization once you have the skills you need!