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Become a JavaScript developer

  • Learn to program JavaScript and JS technologies
  • Develop front-end and back-end
  • Find new friends with the JavaScript course
  • Start a successful career with JavaScript tutorials
  • Apply for Free Learning Programming Basics, which will give you the foundation to build on to become a full stack JavaScript developer!

Did you know that...?

JavaScript technologies

are used for development of server software, front-end, desktop and mobile applications, as well as IoT software


are among the top 5 most sought-after technologies in the software industry in Bulgaria

The JavaScript language

is used by over 10 million software specialists worldwide and in over 50% of GitHub projects

JavaScript ecosystem

is among the fastest growing in the software industry

The path of the student with the profession JavaScript

Learn JavaScript by doing

  • 70% Practice: Writing  code every day
  • New learning material: 2 days a week JavaScript lessons
  • Practical exercises: 3 days a week JavaScript exercises

Works on practical projects

  • Works on practical projects with JavaScript,Angular,React,Node.js,Express.js & MongoDB
  • Train your programming skills with JavaScript, HTML5 platform, and JS ecosystem technologies
  • Bring hands-on experience through teamwork in the GitHub environment

Start your career start in top companies in the industry

  • 52% of graduates of occupation begin work
  • Access to Career Center of Software University – Start working as a JavaScript developer
  • Top employers in the software and IT industry

Choose the JavaScript Developer profession by doing the first steps with the free beginner Programming Basics Course (Programming Basics). He will give you the necessary knowledge to pass the entrance exam and join the Software Engineering Comprehensive Program at the Software University. The JavaScript Developer profession combines building solid programming skills and developing algorithmic thinking with fundamental knowledge of computer science and software engineering and advanced JavaScript and web technologies.

During your training, through online JavaScript and online lessons and practical JavaScript courses and work on thousands of tasks and projects, you will acquire all the specialized knowledge and skills needed to start a successful career with JavaScript technologies in the software industry. Apply!

Why to learn JavaScript development ?

  • JavaScript uses millions of developers around the world. More than half of GitHub projects use JavaScript.
  • JavaScript is a must-have language most modern software engineers because it is key in building the user interface. Even if you write server logic in another language, JS needs you because of the web front-end portion.
  • JavaScript is an indispensable part of a modern web site and is used in combination with any server technology.
  • JavaScript is used for both front-end (web based user interface), back-end (server logic) and mobile application development.
  • Due to the rapid development of the language, as well as the plethora of adjoining technologies and frames, the professional conversion for a good
  • JavaScript programmer is guaranteed!
  • JavaScript is an extremely expressive language – allowing you to easily create flexible applications and rich functionality, and our lessons and courses will make learning one of the most exciting things you’ve ever experienced!