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I, the Developer” is one of the initiatives of the University Software, which aims to meet young enthusiasts from all over the country with successful people whose passion is programming!

During the past year we conducted the second campaign of the initiative and we have realized over 60 meetings with students from high schools and primary schools! Our volunteer students met with the students and discussed interesting themes from the programming world, telling about the information technology nowadays and the job prospects. And you can become one of them – within a classroom, you can tell your story on the way of programming, how you got involved in the profession, and how far your ambition, labor and stubbornness have brought you.

We, by Software Foundation, support the idea that students meet younger people who are more successful and who love their profession and want to develop in it. The example we give to the growing generation is significant not only for him but also for us as part of a society.

With the beginning of the new school year we are preparing for the third part of the “I Programmer” initiative and I am eager to meet you with the students’ thrills and their desire to learn more about the “programmer” profession. If you think you fit perfectly and want to pass on your passion – contact us and become part of the program!

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