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Become a PHP developer

  • Learn to program with language PHP and modern web technologies
  • Create modern web applications, development back-end & front-end
  • Find new friends in the PHP course
  • Start a successful career with PHP tutorials
  • Start  today by applying for a free course of Fundamentals of Programming that will give you the foundation to build on!

Did you know that...?

25% of all sites

approximately 25% of all sites are made on WordPress, which in turn is developed on PHP


are among the top 5 most sought-after technologies in the software industry in Bulgaria

Language PHP

is used by over 5 million software specialists around the world


is installed on more than 1 million servers and supports over 20 million websites

The path of the student with the profession PHP

Learn PHP programming by doing

  • 70% Practice: Writing C # code every day
  • New learning material: 2 days a week PHP lessons
  • Practical exercises: 3 days a week PHP exercises

Works on practical PHP projects

  • Works on practical projects with PHP and MySQL(for back-end) and (for front-end)
  • Train your programming skills with work in to team in GitHub environment

Start your career start in top companies in the industry

  • 52% of graduates of PHP occupation begin work
  • Access to Career Center of Software Foundation – Start working as a PHP developer
  • Top employers in the software and IT industry

Profession PHP Web Developer combines building solid programming skills and developing algorithmic thinking with fundamental knowledge from computer science and software engineering. The training for PHP programmers at the University of Technology has been carefully developed with the help of IT companies in the sector and has a practical focus. Through it you will build all the basic knowledge and skills for a successful career start for junior positions in the software industry.

Choose the PHP web developer profession by taking the first steps with the Free Programming Basics course that will give you the necessary knowledge to pass the entrance exam and join the Software Engineering overall program at the Software Foundation.

During your training, through PHP and online PHP tutorials and PHP practice courses and work on thousands of tasks and projects, you will acquire all the specialized knowledge and skills needed to start a successful PHP career in the software industry. Apply!

Training at the Software Foundation gives you the opportunity to acquire the skills the work environment requires from you. Each course, starting with Programming Basics from beginning to end, is carefully designed to build long-term useful skills that you can apply beyond your chosen profession.

The learning material from our trainings is constantly improving, and for its complete use we use modern and proven teaching technologies. Behind all this is a carefully crafted comprehensive curriculum (a series of PHP courses and tutorials) created together with industry leaders and our team of experienced trainers. You can make sure all of this by applying today!

Why to learn PHP web development?

  • The PHP language is the choice of hundreds of thousands of new web developers as it can easily achieve good results at the initial level. You can start with ease and turn your ideas into reality while learning through our dozens of accessible PHP lessons.
  • PHP is used by a huge number of platforms like Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia and many others. According to official Zend data, about 5,000,000 programmers write to PHP.
  • You can find a professional realization with it, both in smaller projects and businesses such as online stores and news sites as well as in large corporate projects.